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RhythmiaBreath Programme uses evidence-based holistic practices, and self-care strategies as an adjunct therapy to modern medical care to empower our clients to achieve their goals.

Started as a London based medical programme, it has now expanded internationally creating a strong community of professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life of million people affected by chronic conditions.

  • Patient centred approach
  • Comprehensive health assessment
  • Stress management techniques
  • Adjunct therapy
  • Medicine & Science
  • Balance

RhythmiaBreath® Method

Bespoke individualised programmes

Science-based interventions

Heart-Brain coherence therapy

Personalised risk factors assessment

  • Private Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Heart Disease
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Immune system
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Recovery

RhythmiaBreath is one of the first programmes in the UK to implement

the safety of modern medicine, and the emotional and spiritual support of holistic practices.

'What makes us different from other programmes is the fact that we are driven my

medical outcomes and we know the science behind our therapy.'

Comprehensive Personalised Programmes


RhythmiaBreath© is a science-based wellbeing programme focused on achieving the best possible clinical outcomes for specific chronic conditions by combining modern medicine with holistic practices.


We work with emphasis on areas such as prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. RhythmiaBreath® Method specialises in three of the most prevalent chronic diseases worldwide: cardiovascular disease, cancer, and stress and anxiety.


RhythmiaBreath method includes a combination of posture and movement, breathing practices, mindfulness meditation, and lifestyle advice. Our integrative approach supports the use of reductionist tools such as pharmaceuticals, medication, and surgery when necessary.

Discover our bespoke Method


The recent surge of yoga’s popularity in Western culture has been mirrored by clinical and academic interest and the number of clinical studies investigating yoga has increased exponentially over the last decade.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation has been used for centuries as an effective method to calm the mind and enhance concentration.

Mindfulness is the practical and subtle tool that helps us cultivate greater awareness of the unity of body and mind as well as the deeper aspects of the personality such as thoughts, emotions and believes. It is the art of cultivating oneness and presence. Mindfulness has been clinically and scientifically demonstrated to be effective in the relief of symptoms of chronic illnesses

Nutrition & Nourishment

Our nutritional therapy approach is strongly based in the principles of Functional medicine.

Each person is an individual with unique requirements, therefore our therapists define a personalised nutrition plan to meet your particular needs.


We aim to achieve a healthy relationship between modern medicine and body–mind oriented practices.

BreathPractice Method is driven by medical outcomes and all our protocols have been developed by medical specialists following the latest research studies.


We are fully aware of the importance on safety when working with people experiencing health difficulties. Safety is one of our main priorities. it is what maximises the possibility of healing.

Our consultations begin with a thorough assessment of different hemodynamics.


RhythmiaBreath Method

Yoga has gained popularity as a therapeutic intervention. But what about helping specific populations and improving specific medical outcomes?

Understanding the cause

The programme can help you decrease stress, and also to understand what are the causes and consequences of a stressful lifestyle.

We design and follow specific medical and therapeutic protocols according to our client's needs and condition. They are designed individually when the first consultation is performed.

Link between mind & body

The breath is the link between the mind and the body. It both reflects and affects your level of stress. Breathing is the only system in our physiology that it is both automatic and changeable.

How we breath affects directly our respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological systems. It also plays an important role in the quality of our sleep, concentration and our energy levels.

The modulator

The awareness of your breath serves as a mechanism to connect our thoughts with your physical state. It is a great tool to deepen the practice of meditation, and serves as a powerful modulator of our heart rate or pulse.
By mindfully practicing of slow, deep and rhythmic breathing, the heart rate can be regulated. This practice will lead us to achieve a more serene mind and relaxed body.

Oxygen & Life

There are a large number of health conditions, specially chronic inflammatory diseases, that have been proven to benefit from better quality of breathing as a complementary therapy to normal medical care.

Oxygen is the vital factor which assists the body in removing toxins. It is an indispensable and necessary tool from nature necessary for life to exist.

The science behind our Method

Yoga and Blood pressure

Most research studies reported that yoga effectively reduced blood pressure in both normotensive and hypertensive population. Yoga is seen as an effective adjunct therapy for hypertension and worthy of inclusion in clinical guideline. Researchers demonstrate that yoga words because it modulates the physiological system of the body, specially its effect on the heart rate.

Meditation vs Medication

We believe that there is space in the future of modern medicine to gracefully combine medication and meditation. In our programme, we are already merging the two science in order to promote, maintain and restore health. Meditation could be a fantastic modulator to cultivate healthy habits and reduce the risk of worsening chronic illnesses.

Appreciation and Acceptance

Recognising and accepting your feelings and thoughts opens the door to examining how they interact. Once you understand that, you can change negative patterns. The Breathing Practice offers the tools to enhance you appreciation for simple everyday experiences.

Cancer & quality of life

Cancer is an important health issue influencing quality of life. An increasingly important issue in oncology is to evaluate QoL in cancer patients. The practice of yoga and other lifestyle changes are scientifically proven to significantly increase quality of life and reduce the toxicity of certain aggressive treatments. A number of yogic practices are helpful for people living with cancer or at remission.

Stress management

When work or life-related stress interferes with the ability to perform, manage a personal life, or impacts health, it is time to take action. Paying attention to physical and emotional health is a good place to start. Sometimes stress can be good. For instance, it can help you develop skills needed to manage potentially threatening situations in life. However, stress can be harmful when it is severe enough to make you feel over­whelmed and out of control.

Lifestyle choices

Taking care of ourself doesn't require a total lifestyle overhaul. Even small things can lift mood, increase energy and make us feel like we are back in control. By taking one step at a time and making more positive lifestyle choices, we can soon notice both a reduction in stress or anxiety and an increase in energy and positivity.

Areas of Specialization

Cardiovascular Disease

corazon   When we deal with people with heart disease or at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, we focus not only in the common contributors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking or sedentary life but also in psychological factors, personality types, environment and behaviour types.

How do we intervene: We use Pranayama (breathing techniques) at first instance for those living with or at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Pranayama has been found to improve cardiovascular conditioning, improve the efficiency of lung function and provides a better oxygenation to every part of the body.

Our philosophy of heart disease: The heart is the organ or Love, self-acceptance and compassion.

Living with Cancer

Dealing with people living with cancer could sometimes challenging yet immensely rewarding. At our programme we use a number of yogic practices that have been found to be helpful in reducing stress and managing side effects during and after chemotherapy.

cancer image

We use a gentle approach to yoga and one of our main focus is to enhance the practice of visualisation encouraging our clients to create a regular daily practice. We design exhaustive and medically supervised detox sessions that help patients to eliminate the undesirable effects of some drugs.

Our philosophy of Cancer: ‘Some life events irrupt into our life to teach us what we have not been able to learn, listen or feel previously.’

Stress, Anxiety and Burn out

Scientific evidence is showing that stress triggers some of the biggest health problems in modern world, including type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, obesity, depression and autoimmune diseases. At The Breathing practice we use yoga to teach you how to stop your mind from working against you, from taking you to your limits. jnana-mudra

Some of the health effects of Stress and Anxiety:

Increased cholesterol and triglycerides / Increased blood sugar / Poor sleep or insomnia / Fatigue / Increased sensation of pain / Adoption of less healthy habits / Increased appetite / Weight gain / Fat deposit in abdomen / Increased inflammatory response / Headaches / Tachycardias / Irritability.

Our approach to Stress: We have found an increased number of clients that benefit from breathing techniques and visualisation at the beginning of the programme. Then gradually we incorporate meditation and deep relaxation once the person has learnt the basic skills to advance. We believe that pranayama is the best way to slow down the mind and bring awareness.


Counselling pre and post intervention.

We provide counselling for people at different stages:

  • prior surgical procedures
  • life-changing events
  • lifestyle intervention guidance

We normally operate in our clinic but the sessions can also be in-hospitals or home based.

  • Our Philosophy

'At the heart of how we work

is a believe in treating people

with compassion, honesty and respect.'

Our Team

We count with an excellent team of medical specialist and therapist ready to provide the best quality of treatment


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